Real Cardioid Pattern Design
Real Cardioid Pattern Design
Low Noise With Body
New Design
Low Noise With Body

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Platane Truffle-Small Condenser Microphone  - Excluding Tax - Shipping Free | 890 USD

  • Design by Étienne, one of the most reputable designers based in Paris, France. Platane Scallion is an integration of high quality sound and his passion of spice culture. After up to 22 times of upgrading, Scallion was eventually out with the characterization of cleanness, warmth and big audio dynamite which is exclusively for instruments recording with high portability. Platane Scallion was manufactured in USA and it is tested to work with String,Guitar, Amp, Drumsets and Brass to name a few in a positive way.

    • 12mm Diaphragm
    • Real cardioid type design for studio and home
    • Very low noise
    • Special colour design with fashion and environmental-friendliness
    • Great Circuit Design Low THD
    • Shock mount option
    • Easy for connecting
    • Only style recording
    • 48V Phantom Power
    • Flat Frequency Response
    • Wide Frequency Response
    • Gold Diaphragm
    Make the value for you .
    *Note: In order to refine the ultimate sound, our diaphragm is only 3 nanometers, so the microphone cannot fight against strong winds or other extreme weathers, otherwise it will be dysfunctional to some extent.
    • Diaphragm Size: 12mm (@ 3um)
    • Polar pattern: Cardioid
    • Frequency Response: 16Hz-20kHz
    • Sensitivity@1KHz: -33dBV±1dB (-54dB @ 180°)
    • Max SPL: 128dB
    • THD+N:<0.5%
    • Impulse response: 11us
    • Output impedance: <200 ohms
    • Environment: 10-40°C & R.H.<85%
    • Connector:XLR-3